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Anda Seat Dark Wizard Review

Audit of the Anda Seat DARK WIZARD Gaming Chair


In the packed universe of gaming chairs commanded by DXRacer at the premium finish of the range, Anda Seat has figured out how to cut a name for itself as a genuine contender in the fight for best gaming chair. Its chairs are incredibly very much assembled, dependable, and carefully made gratitude to remarkable German designing. Indeed, Anda Seat hails from the mother country.

The Dark Wizard is the greatest gaming chair Anda Seat has ever created. This is one enormous chair, with a tall backrest (89 cm) that overshadowed my housemate when she sat in it. It's likewise substantial as a light tank at 66 pounds, with a 330-pound weight limit. In the case of nothing else, this is a tough brute that will outlive any spending gaming chair.

How We Tested the Dark Wizard

To test the Anda Seat DARK WIZARD, the organization sent us an audit unit, wherein I went through the following 2 weeks utilizing it as my fundamental home office chair. 

Assembling the DARK WIZARD was moderately easy, however, took some huffing and puffing. A portion of the segments, for example, the backrest and the base are extremely overwhelming, and consequently alone Anda Seat prescribes a 2 men group for the activity. I'm glad to state I figured out how to gather the chair independent from anyone else in around 20 minutes. I wouldn't suggest I be that as it may.

What we liked:

In this way, following a multi-week selective association with the DARK WIZARD, this is what I loved about the gaming chair:

•        Extremely very much manufactured and hardcore. Has a feeling that a tank.

•        The large point of lean back to 160 degrees

•        Ability to shake the chair to include steady development

•        3D armrests that move in/out nearer to you, and advance and back

•        Memory Foam lumbar support

•        Comfortable removable memory foam neck pillow

Give me a chance to expound on a portion of those focuses.

A huge point of lean back

The DARK WIZARD leans back right back to a back-sparing 160 degrees (and anything in the middle of) utilizing a switch on the correct side. Alongside a removable head pad that can be descended to help my neck, and it's difficult to portray exactly how loosening up that feels in the wake of a monotonous day of composing. 160 degrees has been seen as the perfect lean-back plot for individuals with back torment, as at that point minimal measure of weight is applied on the spine.

Ability to rock backrest to add constant movement

This must be my preferred component of the DARK WIZARD-the capacity to shake (or lock) the backrest with one push of an oar on the left. When empowered, the entire backrest moves to and fro synchronously with the seat as you recline (skipping back when you don't). The advanced rocking system truly carries developments to my body as I work, moving backpressure and keeping me alert, at the same time without having me feel like I'm falling in reverse over a bluff.


With rocking empowered, it adds another 20 or degrees to the most extreme leaning back edge of the chair, up to 155 degrees when you apply pressure:

Memory Foam Pillows 

Anda Seat compares the new customizable lumbar element in the Dark Wizard to that found on very good quality autos. By turning a dial on the backrest, the lumbar territory distends or differences to all the more likely comply with the curve in your back for most extreme help.


As a general rule, I found the adjustable foam lumbar help is a splendid structure. It's an improvement over spending gaming chairs that fundamentally come up short on an inherent lumbar help (rather depending 100% on a removable back cushion), however, it doesn't go far enough as I would see it. Indeed, even at its most elevated setting, the lumbar juts just about 1.5 inches extra out, which won't be satisfactory for certain individuals. Again, in any case, it's miles in front of most spending gaming chairs in such a manner.

Comfortable removable head pillow

I can't trust I'm stating this, however, the removable head cushion on the Dark Wizard is very agreeable. Because of a tie that folds over the highest point of the backrest, the pad can be gone up or down to offer either head or neck support with the full ameliorating forces of an extravagant pad.


In the event that you've done any exploration on the Dark Wizard before now, you may have run over client objections about the immovability of the chair. All things considered, this is sadly valid regardless of the thick seat padding and very good quality PU calfskin enhancing the whole chair, the sitting experience can best be depicted as firm and unyielding. There is little give in every aspect of the chair your body interacts with, from the seat to the backrest.


The uplifting news is, with a brief period, I think for a great many people this won't be a major issue. An incredible inverse, following a couple of long periods of breaking in the chair, I feel very good presently rearranging around in the Dark Wizard. A major some portion of this boils down to individual inclination I've constantly favored the immovability of a work chair to the delicateness of a cowhide one.


For individuals who appreciate an extravagant, acclimating sitting experience in any case, there are better chairs in the market for that.

The external lumbar pillow is useless, doesn’t move up or down

Prior I praised the outside head pad of the DARK WIZARD; lamentably, there's little to cheer about the lumbar pad. It is, to put it just, futile. Not at all like many gaming chairs where the outside pad is appended to a tie that gives you a chance to move it all over along the backrest, this pad just stays there, excessively unbending to truly pad my back. At last, I just disposed of it. Fortunately, the implicit lumbar help in the backrest grabs a portion of the leeway.

Final Verdict

In a gaming chair showcase covered with questionable brands that travel every which way like last season's style, Anda Seat is a much-needed refresher. The Dark Wizard radiates quality with each join, and as referenced at the start of the audit, this is a chair that will last you a couple of years effectively.


As far as ergonomics and solace, it's a hodgepodge. The high lean back and liquid rocking instrument ought to bring great help to individuals who experience back or neck torment. The inherent lumbar help while defective is still superior to anything that found on most spending gaming chairs. Then again, as far as solace, the DARK WIZARD with its firm pad and calfskin material won't be some tea. At last, that will be the greatest integral factor on whether you wind up adoring or abhorring the new Dark Wizard.