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About Anda Seat

  • 2007 - We started manufacturing race car seats for racing enthusiasts. Our original team was built with the actual race car concept. Our very first mission is to design a seat to keep you healthy and comfortable.
  • 2012 - As the gaming industry thrived, the factory offered OEM solution for the manufacturing of many Tier 1 gaming chair brands. However, we wanted to do more for our customers. Therefore, we began to make a long-term business plan to produce higher quality chairs.                                                   
  • 2016 - Anda Seat was born. With all the expertise accumulated in racing seats and gaming chairs, Anda Seat now dedicates to creating the most comfortable gaming chair in the world.                                                 
  • 2017 - Anda Seat begins to expand the market in North America with the best quality, the longest warranty period and the most competitive pricing in the industry.
We are also the only official gaming chair sponsor for Canadian International Autoshow and one of the biggest gaming convention EGLX. We are actively working together with many gaming events, exhibitions to let our customers know we have a solution for you. 


How many times have you heard from a lot of gaming chair companies claimed that their chairs are the best?

How many times when you received a poor-quality product and had a very difficult time to claim the warranty or even a refund?

It never happens with Andaseat and never will.

In order to guarantee our high-quality products, we offer the longest warranty in the industry that no other company can afford.

* Lifetime warranty on the frame.

* Six years warranty on the parts.

We believe customer satisfaction is everything.

Running a company isn’t about making money, it is about providing the best products for our customers with the greatest experience and service.

On top of the quality, our elite team works hard on our chair designing. Anda Seat has a wild range of model selection. Our only goal is to make sure

We Have A Seat For Everyone.

We want everyone to have an Anda Seat chair in front of their screen. Because you deserve the BEST